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With over a fifth of young people jobless, under 25’s make up more than a third of UK unemployment; 1 in 5 feel they just don't have the tools to cope with day to day life.

Our Charity pioneered a NEW EDUCATION MODEL, to build young people’s emotional intelligence, problem solving ability, self-esteem, sense of autonomy, social confidence and relationship skills and their own sense of direction to create a new generation of positive leaders and empower a lost generation.

From Life-Ready to Job-Ready!

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Generations of learnt dependency, endemic welfare reliance, learning difficulties, ex-offenders, homeless and undesiring individuals have rendered too many ‘NEET’s (those not in employment, education or training) too far from job-ready.

Our studies show the youth unemployment issue is therefore unsolvable with the creation of jobs alone. Continuing failed policies of throwing the jobless to jobs threatens us all, from rising crime rates to drained welfare, government and pension coffers.

But there is a missing link which our Charity now tirelessly plugs – THE INNER GAME OF LIFE.

We reach to the core of the person’s soul to awaken, excite, empower, engage, inspire and finally employ. This process takes them to the depth of their depths to extract talent and apply it where they become proud contributors to society, not victims of it.

Combining practical employability skills with a profound values-based foundation, we create the mind-set resilient in the face of challenges, so individuals develop the capacity to take control of their futures.

Supported by tutors, professional business and sports professionals, mentors and their peers, individuals undertake a structured process of learning that empowers them to prepare for and find work, or start their own business and motivates participants to achieve and produce their ‘best game’.

THE INNER GAME - Creating a mind-set for change & potential

This part of our training establishes the foundation on which the other elements rest. The focus is on exploring the “inner” world of the individual, and how attitudes, thoughts and feelings create a mind-set that affects external actions. What happens on the inside of an individual – how the ‘inner game’ will always affect the ‘outer game’ and the impact the individual has on their environment and those around them. How an individual manages these sometimes unconscious thoughts can mean the difference between success and failure. An extended period of unemployment can have an adverse effect on confidence and motivation, undermine a sense of what’s possible in the future, and stunt personal growth.

Through an interactive series of exercises involving group work, videos, presentations and demonstrations, individuals are guided through reflective sessions to explore fundamental values and beliefs about themselves and others, their lives, and their place in the world. The sessions show how some of these beliefs can lead to practices or ‘rackets’ that limit or destroy the individual’s ‘game’, so that they are less successful and fail to achieve their potential. Issues covered include:

  • Nature vs. nurture as explanations for who we are
  • Fear, defensiveness, anger and aggression
  • Development of a healthy ego
  • Competition, envy and greed
  • Dealing with pressure and stress
  • Seeking approval, recognition and acceptance
  • Addictions
  • Potential, change and growth

Taken together, these sessions reinforce and integrate the personal learning experienced in other parts of our training, and reveal clarity for the individual about their self-belief, self-awareness, integrity, purposefulness, resilience, intention, motivation, emotional intelligence, problem solving ability, self-esteem, sense of autonomy, social confidence, social and relationship skills and their own sense of direction

THE OUTER GAME - Extracting and manifesting talent

Activity-based events are integral to the design of our education. They provide an opportunity for individuals to test out their ‘learned’ patterns of behaviour and ideas as part of an experiential approach to learning. The activities include:

  • participating in a range of different sports
  • possibility of outward bound excursions as part of setting challenges
  • voluntary work in the local community

The focus of this part is to extend the metaphor of ‘life as a game’. Through the physical challenge of trying different sport activities, or doing something that initially feels frightening, or raises anxiety about their skills/ability to participate, individuals confront limiting perceptions and feelings they hold, and build new ‘enabling’ stories of achievement. The purpose is to:

  • Develop personal leadership and resilience
  • Recognise the creativity expressed and released through ‘play’
  • Develop greater self-confidence
  • Uncover self-imposed barriers that can limit success
  • Develop greater self-control e.g. managing frustrations, anger, competition and how to respond to those feelings when expressed by others.
  • Work as a team to achieve personal and collective goals
  • Collaborate and negotiate through exploring choices and decision-making
  • Appreciate difference and understand how it enhances the performance of the team – everyone has a gift, and everyone contributes
  • Understand the positive purpose and function of challenge
  • Within the analogy of life and work as a ‘game’, build an understanding of the function and purpose of ‘rules’ (competition, level playing field, motivation, success, meaning and pleasure)
  • Build a mutual system of peer support and encouragement capable of supporting individuals after the end of our courses.

The Passion Project

We are also Ambassador to and Founding Partner of The Passion Project. The Passion Project is an initiative that addresses youth unemployment, using its content, platform and network to generate positive outcomes by unlocking an individual’s potential and supporting that development through a network of sustainable commercial and social partnerships.

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