The World Education Community
8-Point Manifesto

  • ‘The WEC’ fosters cross-cultural empowerment through the education of all peoples and societies, regardless of race, religion, means or background.

  • The WEC’s principal tool is educating ‘Emotional Intelligence’ (‘EI’) into schools, businesses, government and social services building  personal responsibility, community consciousness and global leadership. 

  • Our 'EI' equips individuals with greater mental health, problem solving abilities, life purpose, talent, contribution and values-based leadership. This foundation, coupled with economic subsistence, promotes and empowers every person to govern their own success and fulfilment and peace of mind. Without this EI build, economic subsistence will never be enough.

  • ‘The WEC’ posits that ‘World Education’, when structured and positioned correctly, can therefore become a tangible panacea to local, national and global issues.

  • The WEC Council draws upon international expertise from the highest ranks of politics, education and commerce.

  • First, ‘The WEC’ promotes a ‘One-World Education Platform’ for all ages of schooling and business. The ‘EI’ content bridges cultural and socio-economic barriers to equip societies with a new generations of positive, and most importantly, UNITED leaders, where the world can share this one thing in common. 

  • Second, ‘The WEC’ offers, for every society or community, an entire youth engagement ‘ECO-SYSTEM’ providing a holistic approach to Life-Readiness and then Job Readiness, underpinned by huge digital platform of careers advice and employment. 

  • Benjamin Franklin said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Where the world is sick with short-term, often failing CURES, and endless administrative discussions thereof, the WEC encourages the time and investment for its matchless, educational ‘OUNCE OF PREVENTION’.  

WEC Eduaction Panacea