Changing the Consciousness
and Culture of Your Workplace

What We Do

Our cutting-edge courses and business coaching drill through personal layers to unleash new levels of passion, purpose and performance. And in that order, because organisations don't change, people do.

Why We Do It

Research* proves greater productivity and profitability are results of individuals learning how to 'love2work'. This tangible growth manifests NOT because of a change around them, but because of a change WITHIN them.

*Organisations with high engagement-scores are up to 70 per cent more productive and 40 per cent more profitable, according to Aon Hewitt’s Future of Engagement study. This also estimates each disengaged employee costs an organisation an average of £7,000 in profit annually.

  • Global staff turnover costs companies £1.6 trillion per year.
  • Absenteeism and sick days cost £100 billion per year.

How We Do It

We offer to take you on a journey, where you will discover continuously deeper, personal breakthroughs for life-changing happiness and business success. Purpose Driven Success.

If you want to go further, you have to get deeper! Our multi-disciplinary teaching pioneers the best of Emotional Intelligence Mastery, Values-based Leadership, NLP, CBT, Paralinguistics and select peak-performance and life-purpose initiatives.

So take a look inside...

Excerpts from a 2014 McKinsey Report:

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”
Leo Tolstoy